Fir (Abies) 200 cm

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Fir (Abies) is a genus of 45-55 species of evergreen conifers of the pine family. It reaches a height of 10-80 m and a trunk diameter of 0.5-4 m. Fir trees can be distinguished from other pine trees by the fact that the leaves (needles) are connected to the base by small cups, and by the upright cylindrical cones, which are 5-25 cm long, and disintegrate when ripe to release the seeds. [1]

The identification of individual species is based on the size and location of the leaves, the size and shape of the cones, and whether the cone scales are long and spreading or short and closed. Fir trees are closest to the Cedrus species. The range is in Europe, Asia, North Africa, North and Central America, almost everywhere in mountainous areas.